Coronavirus (COVID- 19) – How Fiske is responding.

In light of the considerable uncertainties that we are all facing in our daily lives due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we would like to reassure you that we have taken all available steps to ensure we remain operationally and financially prepared for the next few weeks and months.

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AIM Rule 26 – Company Disclosures

As Fiske plc shares have been admitted to AIM it is bound by the rules. The company is obliged, under rule 26, to maintain a website which must disclose certain company information.Although most of the mandatory disclosures are already on the website in various sectors we have decided to make a separate section which will either provide the information or direct you to the relevant website icon. Accordingly, the following information is required by AIM;


  1. Fiske plc is a trading company which offers investment services to retail and professional clients.
  2. Fiske plc is incorporated in England which is also its country of operations.
  3. The company’s Articles of Association can be found elsewhere on the website under Investor Relations – Company Information
  4. Fiske plc is listed on AIM on the London Stock Exchange. It has neither applied nor agreed to have its securities admitted or traded on any other exchange.
  5. The shares in issue as at September 2019 totalled 11,693,790. As at 9 March 2020 the shares in issue not in public hands totalled 44.1%.
    A list of significant shareholders can be found on the website under Investor Relations – Shareholder Profile.
  6. There are no restrictions on the transfer of Fiske plc shares.
  7. Both the Annual and half-yearly accounts can be found under Company News on the website.
  8. All notifications made by Fiske plc in the past five years are to be found under Company News on the website.
  9. The most recent Placing document dated 27 July 2017 can be found on the website under Company News.
  10. The Board of Fiske plc approved and selected the Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code believing it to be both proportionate and appropriate for the company. Further information concerning the code will be found under Investor Relations – Corporate Governance. The code will be the subject of an annual review by the board.
  11. The names of the directors and brief biographical details are contained in the Annual Report and Accounts and can also be found here.
  12. A description of the responsibilities of the members of the board and details of the board committees can be found on the website under Investor Relations – Corporate Governance.
  13. Fiske plc is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers. In order to conduct investment business the company is also bound by the rules and regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority; our regulator.
  14. Fiske’s nominated advisor and other key advisors can be found here. The last interim accounts are dated 26 February 2020. These can be found on the website under Reports & Accounts
  15. Fiske's Articles of Association can be found on the website unnder Articles of Association
  16. The company's circulars can be found under Circulars

Date of last review: 31st May 2020