Coronavirus (COVID- 19) – How Fiske is responding.

In light of the considerable uncertainties that we are all facing in our daily lives due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we would like to reassure you that we have taken all available steps to ensure we remain operationally and financially prepared for the next few weeks and months.

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Private Clients- Additional Services

Client Deposit Account

We are able to hold client monies with the Royal Bank of Scotland but currently no interest is paid on these funds.


We offer ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts) and also the facility to transfer an existing ISA to Fiske from another Plan Manager.

Where appropriate, we encourage clients to make the best use of this tax efficient saving vehicle.


We offer clients with Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) and Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSASs) the opportunity to invest their funds on a discretionary, advisory or execution-only basis.

We are able to advise on the management of income draw-down and the income and growth investment profile of such schemes. We work with third party providers who handle the administration of these services.

Nominee Services

For fast and efficient settlement we encourage, but do not oblige, clients to use our nominee company, Fiske Nominees Limited. We can deal with all settlement administration on your behalf. Your stocks and shares are held in a safe and secure depository, designated for each client. You remain the beneficial owner of the assets.

Safe Custody

We offer a safe custody facility for those clients who wish Fiske to hold their stock registered in their own name in certificated form.

In addition to receiving and holding securities for you, we are able, with your consent, to exercise rights and attend to other benefits, such as dividends and bonus issues, relating to your securities.