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    How do I know how good Fiske is?

    Most individual clients will measure the performance of their investments against the objectives they agreed with us – have we delivered what they asked? Other clients will compare performance against a recognised UK stock market benchmark and some institutional clients will use a bespoke benchmark.

    As all our client portfolios are tailored to an individual set of requirements, it is difficult to demonstrate our collective performance against that of competitors who cluster clients into portfolios that come very close to being in-house funds.

    We are happy to introduce you to existing clients who can tell you what they think of our service and how we have performed; the strong performance of our Ocean Equity Fund is another visible demonstration of our expertise.

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    Where does Fiske get its investment ideas?

    We seek out and assess investment ideas from every available source. We meet a wide variety of company management teams and individual fund managers. We see investment analysts and attend corporate roadshows. We study company accounts. We utilise external research. We keep abreast of company news and stock exchange announcements.

    As a result of all these meetings and all this research, we can identify the shares most likely to deliver what each client needs.

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    How do you keep my money safe?

    Fiske has been trading for nearly 50 years. On a capital against funds under management basis we are one of the strongest-capitalised wealth managers in the UK. Your money is as safe with us as with a big-name company.

    As an FCA regulated firm, Fiske is required to comply with the regulations regarding the protection of client’s assets as set out in the FCA’s Client Asset Sourcebook. These regulations are commonly known as ‘CASS’ regulations.

    CASS regulations are designed to ensure that, in the event of a firm such as Fiske becoming insolvent, the assets they hold on behalf of clients are segregated from those of the firm, cannot be used to settle any of the firms debts and can be returned to clients quickly and efficiently.

    The CASS sourcebook sets out strict regulations regarding the segregation of our client’s assets from those of the firm, and the requirements on Fiske when handling our client’s assets and cash, reconciling our client’s assets and cash, and ensuring that any cash and assets not held directly by Fiske (for example cash deposited with a bank) are protected to the same standard.

    We are required to report monthly to the FCA that we are complying with these regulations and we are independently audited annually, with our auditors submitting their findings directly to the FCA.

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    What will happen at my first meeting with Fiske?

    When you first contact us, we will have a brief discussion with you to ascertain which of our investment managers is best suited to meeting your needs. If you contact Megan or Flo on 020 7448 4700 they will have a chat with you to help them make that decision.

    Your first meeting with your investment manager will be all about getting to know each other. The investment manager will want to find out about any existing investments you have and any goals you have in mind; don’t worry if you can’t put your objectives into words – this meeting will help you do that. They will then explain the Fiske process and service to you so that you can make an informed decision about to whether to proceed with us.

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    Can I involve the rest of my family in understanding my investments?

    The families of many of our existing clients have been with us for more than one generation and we firmly believe that there is great value in the continuity that an on-going relationship can bring.

    We understand that, although it is vital to involve younger generations in understanding the family finances, it can also be difficult, and we would want to discuss with you in depth how we go about this. We would then jointly follow through on an agreed plan.

    Even the youngest members of our families can benefit from sound investments and Fiske provides Junior ISAs, which can be used to introduce them to the idea of saving for the long term and making your money work for all members of the family.

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    What regular updates will my investment manager provide me with?

    Naturally our service includes regular monitoring of your portfolio by our investment team. If any changes in the way your money is invested are required, they will make these, in line with the objectives that were agreed with you, without you needing to do anything.

    In order that you can keep abreast of the changes in value and composition of your portfolio, you will be provided with a valuation and explanatory report every quarter. These are designed to be simple to understand but, of course your investment manager is on hand to explain anything you don’t understand. Where possible we like to have at least one formal face-to-face meeting per year, which can take place either in person, or using video conferencing, as you prefer. And if you would like an update at any other time, your investment manager is readily available by telephone or email.

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    Do I have to travel to London to use your services?

    Now that life is returning to normal after the Covid-19 crisis, we are very happy to meet clients at our London office (although we do ask you to make an appointment in advance). However, if you would like to meet elsewhere in London, or live in London or the home counties, we are happy to travel to a meeting with you.

    We understand that many people are still cautious, post-Covid and uneasy about using public transport. If you would like to hold a meeting via telephone or using video conferencing, this is also possible.

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    How much money do I need to have my investments managed by Fiske?

    We look after a wide variety of clients as we can tailor investment portfolios to meet the needs of each client and their available funds. Initial portfolios of between £75,000 to £100,000 are likely to be invested solely in unit or investment trusts.

    Fully bespoke portfolios with a significant proportion of direct investment in individual equities and bonds normally start with a value of between £250,000 and £500,000.  When thinking in terms of total wealth this translates to c.£1.5m to £2m when a primary residence and other assets are included.

    Often, you will have worked hard to accumulate that wealth over a lifetime and now want it managed more formally.

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    How do I find the forms my investment manager mentioned?

    Download the forms by clicking on the icons below

    Client Forms

    W8-BEN form (PDF 67KB)

    W8-BEN form – Guidance Notes (PDF 178KB)

    W9 Form Including Guidance Notes (PDF 110KB)


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    What do I do if I have a complaint?

    Fiske welcomes feedback, whether positive or negative. Our team works hard to give an excellent service, but if something goes wrong, we want to hear about it so that we can correct things for the future.

    If you wish to express dissatisfaction with anything associated with the service you have received from Fiske please raise it with your investment manager, or write to info@fiskeplc.com



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