Our investment approach

We have not followed the mainstream trend of separating the investment management and client relationship roles. Your personal investment manager is the one making the investment decisions and looking after you. As part of the Fiske team your investment manager will focus on understanding your needs and aspirations and take care to ensure we do our best to meet them.


Rest easy knowing that your future is in safe hands. At Fiske we combine thoroughness with years of experience. We regularly meet company managers and analysts; we attend corporate roadshows and calls; we study company accounts; we keep abreast of company news and stock exchange announcements; we make extensive use of external research from leading investment houses such as JP Morgan, Investec, Berenberg, Peel Hunt and Numis. This means we are well placed to find the best investments for your portfolio.

Because we know what “good” looks like, we can identify the fund managers to cover equity markets both within and outside the UK. We will also identify investments beyond equities that can bring diversity to your portfolio so that it is well balanced.

We will choose the investments and mix needed to achieve your requirements and bring you peace of mind.


We are independent in ownership and thinking. Although we are a public company, we are not owned by a bigger entity that dictates strategy to us according to its needs and profit ambitions. This means our focus is on people rather than numbers.

We are free to concentrate on delivering a great service at the right price – prioritising your interests and caring for you and for the team that looks after you.

The evidence of how well we do this is reflected in the longevity of our client and staff relationships. Many of our client relationships last a lifetime and often beyond, extending to subsequent generations.


We listen to what you want and deliver it. We focus on understanding your needs and aspirations and take care to do our best to meet them.

You won’t be forced into a particular style of investing or a “model portfolio”. Your manager is free to decide what will best meet your needs and can build a portfolio that reflects your values and principles.

Every portfolio we build is unique. There are commonalities between our portfolios, because we want all our clients to own the best companies – but each portfolio is tailored to the needs of the individual client. We also recognise that circumstances are likely to change over time, so all our portfolios are regularly reviewed.


We listen to what clients want and genuinely care about meeting your expectations. We have not followed the mainstream trend of splitting the investment management and relationship management roles.

You need to be able to trust the person managing your money, so we think you need to spend time with them and build a direct relationship. When markets hit a rough patch, you will know you can pick up the phone and talk about the implications with your investment manager.

If you have an administrative issue with your portfolio – perhaps you need some tax related documents – you will find us helpful and approachable. You won’t be put through to a call centre or automated messaging system. You will speak to the same small team each time. You will get to know us, so you can be sure there is always someone here who knows you and can answer your questions.


Fiske is traditional in its ethos though modern in its outlook. We have evolved from our origins as a stockbroker working in an era when it was difficult for members of the public to buy shares themselves. We have our own dealing team with a wealth of experience, knowledge and the relationships needed to provide the best execution service in a variety equity markets. Today we are still happy to fulfil such transactions on behalf of a client – this is known as an “execution-only” service.

However, most of our clients engage us to manage their wealth for them. They give us discretion to act on their behalf, which is why this kind of service is often known as “discretionary investment management”. This takes away the stress and responsibility of you having to manage your own money and enables us to respond quickly to changing markets, seizing opportunities or reducing risk when necessary. It means you get the benefit of our expertise and ensures your money is in the right place at the right time.

Although we pride ourselves on our traditional approach, we are technology-enabled, using modern software tools to deliver institutional-quality investment management and advice.