Ocean Equity Fund

Ocean Equity Fund (OEIC) invests predominantly in businesses that are listed in the United Kingdom (UK) or which conduct a significant part of the business in the UK. Up to 20% of the fund is invested in shares in companies listed outside of the United Kingdom, mainly in the USA and Europe. Companies are selected because they typically exhibit the following characteristics:

  • experienced and proven management with integrity and strategic vision
  • sensible and actionable plans to grow and develop the business
  • relentless focus on customer proposition and service
  • attractive end markets that are often fragmented
  • strong and growing competitive positions
  • strong and sustainable cash generation
  • no or modest debt

Investment Objective

The Fund aims to achieve capital and income growth, and to provide a return (after fees, charges and other expenses payable out of the Fund) in excess of that of the CBOE UK All Companies Total Return Index over the long-term.

Ocean Equity was launched in 2018 and has achieved a double AA rating from Citywire, a 5 Crown rating from Trustnet and 5 Star ratings from both Morningstar and Lipper.

Fund Features

  • Emphasis on total return (TR) via blend of capital and dividend growth
  • Focus on quality companies with high returns on capital and strong cash flows
  • High conviction, low turnover – ‘buy and manage’ approach
  • 30 – 40 holdings
  • Investing across the market cap universe
  • Preservation of capital is paramount over the business cycle
  • Predominantly UK and up to 20% Overseas from a listing perspective

Investor Profile

The fund may appeal to investors who:

  • Plan to hold their investment for the long-term
  • Are prepared to accept the risks associated with the volatile nature of equity related investments
  • Want total return through a blend of capital and income growth

Key Details

Benchmark CBOE UK All Companies

IA Sector UK All Companies

Launch Date 14 May 2018

Holdings 34

Prospective yield 2.2%

Div ex dates 1/5 & 1/11

Div pay dates 30/6 & 31/12

How to invest

Ocean Equity Income is available as an OEIC and is also suitable to include in stocks and shares ISAs and SIPPs.

You can buy shares in the fund by visiting: tbaileyfs.co.uk/funds/ocean-investment-funds or by telephoning the Ocean Equity Investor Dealing Line: 0115 988 8288 (open business days between 9am and 5pm).

The fund is also available via the following platforms:

  • Aegon
  • Allfunds
  • Aviva
  • Barclays
  • FNZ
  • Hargreaves Lansdown
  • interactive investor
  • Pershing
  • Raymond James
  • Redmayne Bentley
  • Seven Investment Management (7IM)
  • Transact
  • Winterflood

Additional information


What do I do if I am interested in your service?

type="image" alt="Kevin Mordrick"

Kevin Mordrick will be glad to speak to professional investors who are interested in learning more about the fund before they make their first investment. He can be contacted on 0207 448 4752.

Other investors can buy Ocean Equity shares from TBailey, using the link in the How to Invest section of this page.