Our team

type="image" alt="Peter Ashton"

Peter Ashton

Investment Manager

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type="image" alt="Sharon Baker"

Sharon Baker

Operations Administrator

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type="image" alt="Rob Belcher"

Rob Belcher

Reconciliations Analyst

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type="image" alt="Roger Breuer"

Roger Breuer

Finance Assistant

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type="image" alt="Peter Cartwright"

Peter Cartwright

Investment Manager

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type="image" alt="Ian Clogg"

Ian Clogg

Chief Operating Officer

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type="image" alt="Tony Conway"

Tony Conway

Investment Manager

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type="image" alt="Neil Craze"

Neil Craze

Investment Manager

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type="image" alt="Anthony Davenport"

Anthony Davenport

Head of Operations

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type="image" alt="Julian Dieppe"

Julian Dieppe

Investment Manager

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type="image" alt="James Dobell"

James Dobell

Investment Manager

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type="image" alt="Greg Fields"

Greg Fields

Investment Manager

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Alexander Fiske-Harrison

Non-executive Director

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type="image" alt="Michael Foster"

Michael Foster

Fund Manager

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type="image" alt="Richard Gray"

Richard Gray


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type="image" alt="Leslie Harmon"

Leslie Harmon

Investment Manager

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type="image" alt="Clive Harrison"

Clive Harrison


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type="image" alt="James Harrison"

James Harrison

Chief Executive Officer

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type="image" alt="Phillip Heather"

Phillip Heather

Head of Dealing

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type="image" alt="Alex Irvine-Fortescue"

Alex Irvine-Fortescue

Investment Manager

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type="image" alt="Florence Jeffers"

Flo Jeffers

Assistant Investment Manager

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type="image" alt="Gabriele Leiders"

Gabriele Leiders

Investment Manager

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type="image" alt="Leigh Middleton-Ross"

Leigh Middleton-Ross

Head of Compliance & MLRO

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type="image" alt="Mark Miles"

Mark Miles

Investment Manager

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type="image" alt="Kevin Mordrick"

Kevin Mordrick


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type="image" alt="Patrick Mundy"

Patrick Mundy

Investment Manager

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type="image" alt="Tony Pattison"

Tony Pattison


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type="image" alt="Martin Perrin"

Martin Perrin

Non-executive Director

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type="image" alt="Emma Sherry"

Emma Sherry

Deputy Head of Operations

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type="image" alt="Matthew Shock"

Matthew Shock

Investment Manager

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type="image" alt="James Slater"

James Slater

Investment Manager

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type="image" alt="Jeremy Smith"

Jeremy Smith


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type="image" alt="Tryph Stavrou"

Tryph Stavrou

Chief Finance Officer

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type="image" alt="Brian Thomlinson"

Brian Thomlinson

Investment Manager

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type="image" alt="Debbie Wellfare"

Debbie Wellfare

Desk Assistant

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type="image" alt="Monty Westall"

Monty Westall

Desk Assistant

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type="image" alt="Megan Williams"

Megan Williams

Executive Assistant

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type="image" alt="Peter Willis"

Peter Willis

Investment Manager

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type="image" alt="Isobel van Wyk"

Isobel van Wyk

Desk Assistant

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