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Our investment approach

We listen to what you want from your investments and work with you to deliver it. Our bespoke personal service means that nearly every client portfolio is different.

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Our history

Our investment managers know their clients well and can always be called upon to provide unbiased advice based on a close and longstanding knowledge of their affairs.

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Our team

The team at Fiske are experts in their field and collectively we offer clients several hundred years of investment and operational experience.

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Here are answers to questions often asked by our clients. Contact us on if you cannot find the information you need.

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Shareholder Profile

Shares issued

Fiske plc has 11,829,859 ordinary 25p shares in issue.

Major shareholdings

Shareholders holding more than 3% of the shares of the Company on 29th November 2022.

Ordinary shares %
J P Q Harrison† 2,312,010 19.54
C F Harrison* 2,023,328 17.10
Craven Hill Investments Limited 1,154,860 9.76
P G Turner 734,500 6.21
Capital Financial Markets Limited 598,205 5.06
S J Cockburn** 487,236 4.12
Miton Group 425,034 3.59
Mrs C M Short 386,029 3.26
B A F Harrison 376,500 3.18
T R Pattison†† 404,117 3.42

† Including 2,133,802 shares held by LongSand Limited, a company controlled by JPQ Harrison and 7,000 shares held by Mrs A Harrison wife of Mr J P Q Harrison at the date of this report.

* Including 218,000 shares held by Mrs B Harrison, wife of Mr C F Harrison at the date of this report.

** Including 15,000 shares held by Mrs J A Cockburn, wife of Mr S J Cockburn at the date of this report.

†† Including 8,674 shares held by Mrs C Pattison, wife of Mr T R Pattison at the date of this report.


Persons with Significant Control (PSCs)

No individuals, directly or indirectly, hold 25% (or more) of the shares or voting rights in Fiske plc.

This information has been duly filed at Companies House.

Shares not in public hands

In terms of the AIM Rules effective from 30 March 2018 and insofar as it is aware, as at 29th November 2022, 41.65% of the Company’s ordinary 25p shares are not in public hands.

Trading of Shares

Fiske plc’s ordinary 25p shares are traded solely on the AIM market.

Restrictions on the Transfer of Shares

There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company’s ordinary 25p shares.

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